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Let me tell you about Mr Chai

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

He is full time rubber farmer with his 2.4 HA of land that he in heritage from his parent he consider classic smallholder of Thailand.

this rubber plantation give his family an opportunity to support this son to school and their elderly parent the health care they need.

With 2.4 HA , on 2021 consider better year for rubber price . He could make around 473 USD/ Month this do not count the expenses of the farm maintenance yet.

🌳Rubber plantation work starting at 2.00 am , his tapping knife has been sharpen the night before. With long shirt, long pant ,head lamp. He is ready to work.

Farmer like him walk more than 10 KM each night , he visit every tree to tap the rubber. once the round are done he came back again to collect his Latex from the cup laying on the side of the tree. By 9.00 he is ready to deliver his latex to the collecting center.

His grand father , his father did this very same routine. Not only to provide to the family , he feel proud that he carry on working on the land that his family pass on to him .

Thailand smallholder account 70% , Routine like Mr Chai is root of the hardworking smallholder life and it s a backbone of this rubber business.

Let continue this journey with us.

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